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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3 Angels on a Tuesday Night

Angel No. 1 – After a long queue in the counter, it’s now my turn to pay for my groceries when the cashier noticed that the vegetables and fruits I’ve got has no price in it. That means, I forgot to have it weighed. I was about to get irritated with the thoughts of going back to the weighing section and then fall in queue again, suddenly I heard a soft voice saying, “Its ok mam, I’ll just send the bagger to the weighing section with your fruits and vegetables. Meantime, pay the rest of your groceries, while we're waiting for the bagger, you just wait here in front so you don’t have to fall in line again.”

Angel No. 2 – another worker from the supermarket pushed my cart up to the taxi stand and helped me find a taxi, after almost 30 minutes of waiting, taxi’s still nowhere to find until one man in a white poloshirt and white trousers whispered from my back “car lift?”

I didn’t mind him so he crossed the road already. Another 10 minutes had passed, still no taxi, until I saw the man in white again across the road. I asked the helper if he can approach the man in white. Without having a second thought, the helper crossed the road, talked to the man, and went back to me smiling. “Let’s go to the parking mam. He will wait for you there. I’ll push your cart.”

Angel No. 3 – after the helper and the man in white put my groceries inside the car compartment, we are ready to go. I said thank you to the helper, gave him a small token of appreciation then I went inside the car. The man had the softest voice that night. He asked me, the location of my place then he start driving so carefully. I felt I was safe with him, so I eased my mind until I reached home. He helped me put my groceries out of the compartment; I paid him he said thank you and he left.

At home that night, while I was sorting out my groceries, I realized that I’ve met 3 Angels on a Tuesday Night.


AiDiSan said...

i love this post, a simple way of appreciating little help from others.

hope there's more angels out there.

DonnaBelle said...

Thanks friend, and I agree with you, hope to have more angels out there. You're one of them, don't you think? :-)

nelson said...

nice post, indeed! the world is full of everyday heroes. sometimes we just need to look around and appreciate.