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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bee Day

1st Feb. (behind time activities)

I started the month of LOVE with a very busy day and a sorethroat.
Had an early meeting with my Big Boss for our Sign & Graphic Exhibition which is the biggest show that we're organizing.
Emails keep on coming; my office landline and mobile phones keep on ringing; colleagues keep on corroborating while i was doing an assessment on the needed requirements for the big event.
In the afternoon my sorethroat was getting worse and i was feeling uptight already but still continued working until I called it a day.
After work, I still managed to go to the supermarket.
I drift off after dinner as I was really really tired and was not feeling well too.

The next day...

I was too lazy to go off to bed the next day. I already had a slight fever and was thinking not to come to office but my loads of work was pulling me so I forced myself to do my share for the day.
During lunch break , I went to Dr. Joseph's Polyclinic for a check up.
I was diagnosed of having a viral infection and the Doctor prescribed a brufen plus 2more meds for me.
I went back to office and was planning to go home early but I need to prepare all the needed docs for our pre-operational meeting at the World Trade Center the next day.Haaayy!!! Sometimes life is really tough.

The next days..

were busily spent working in the office. There were even those days when Buddy was the one preparing dinner as I had to stay at work few hours more.

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