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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My sister Det

I was so happy when I received a mail from my sister Det this morning.

Her very first article entitled "Winning by surrendering to the Holy Spirit's love" was published in the Newsletter of a catholic organization where she is a member. I can feel her excitement and jubilation as her article was put in the front page.

Det's piece is all about stories and testimonies of the new members of their catholic community.

These people are from different walks of life who has been touched by the power of the Holy Spirit eversince they started attending this charismatic seminar until they become fullpledge members. This religious organization with the assistance of the priests and active members help the new ones become much more closer to God by organizing a classsroom style seminar all pertaining to the wonderful deeds and works of our Lord God.
The attendees are very happy and satisfied as they feel so blessed and enlightend.

I can say that this is one big accomplishement for my sister as it is her long dream to write and being the religious person that she is, Det choose to write in her community where she feels a true sense of belonging and acceptance . Now that she is already in her first step, I know that this is the beginning of my sister's realization to do what she really loves.

To you Det, I am so proud of you. May you continue spreading the good news and may the Lord God guide you always to the path of righteousness and Godliness.

Good Luck and God Bless you always!!


deth chan said...

Thanks Ate! Because God never gave up on my lil' dreams. He always does send me nice people, like my mentor Bro. Ed, who push me up and be a writer like him.

deth chan said...

Hey thanks sis, for being my first critic , for pointing out what's needed to be edited. Life of every one is so important, each person has unique journey needed to be unfold. God bless us all!

nelson said...

congratulations to ur sister! and congratulations to you for having her as a sister...

DonnaBelle said...

Thanks a lot Nelson.
I am really blessed to have a sister like her.

AiDiSan said...

girl, kala ko ikaw yung sa pic...ganda ni Det, sige na ngan maganda ka rin...hehehe.

DonnaBelle said...

Hello Girl!
Hehehe, napilitan pa sha!