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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The perfect quiz

It was almost noon time and Mommy Lily was anxious. She was peeping at the window of Trisha's classroom and was nervously eying on the little brat who was standing in front of the teacher. It was Trisha's first quiz/recitation last June 11. Mommy Lily was uncertain if the angel would be able to answer the teacher's questions.

The night before , my youngest sister was giving lessons to Trisha in preparation for the coming quiz, but the little brat was hardly listening. Her attention was merely focused on the pencil that she was holding and on the paper in front of her. Trisha just keeps on doodling some abstract things that she could only understand. Not only that, she responds to the question but was giving the wrong answers and will laugh so hard ( yes, she is naughty). Mommy Lily had to pretend that she was mad just so the little girl would cooperate with her tita. After a few more minutes, Trisha announced that she was already sleepy and doesn't want to study the lessons anymore. The granny and the tita looked at each other and said in unison"Bahala na bukas."

Mommy Lily was almost out of breath when teacher Gina asked the first question.
Teacher Gina: 'Alligator starts with a letter...??'
Trisha: 'A' was her quick reply (Mommy Lily was amazed)
Teacher Gina:'What is the color of the alligator?'
Teacher Gina:'What does the alligator eats?'
Trisha:'Fish and frog'
The teacher then asked Trisha to draw a circle,triangle and rectangle in the paper, in which the little girl willingly did as what the teacher had asked.
And the result... Trisha's first quiz was perfect!
Mommy Lily was smiling from ear to ear and she treated Trisha to Jollibee after her class.

Accross the miles, there is one PROUD MOMMA who was jumping for joy.


inigo said...

Go go go, ate trisha :)

DonnaBelle said...

thanks inigo!!i saw your latest pics, you're so big na and very cute!such an angel!

AiDiSan said...

Girl...hindi sya sa 'yo nagmana, I'm sure...LOL

DonnaBelle said...

hahaha!!! sakin sha nagmana girl...