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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trisha's 1st day in school

Last Thursday, Trisha had her first taste of school life.

We enrolled her in one of the montessori in our place and she was admitted as Nursery in level A. She has a good schedule which is from 11:00am to 2:00pm.

The night before the big day, she was so excited and kept on checking her school bag,lunch box and notebooks. She even wants to wear the socks and shoes already. She slept with her lunch box beside her.

At quarter to eleven the next day, the school bus arrived in our house where Trisha and her Tita Lablab were already waiting.

At exactly eleven in the morning, Trisha with Tita Lablab were already entering the classroom with the other kids. For almost an hour , Trisha was very quiet and just observing what was happening around her. The teacher started introducing each student and Trisha was still quiet when her name was called. Suddenly, Tita Lablab noticed that she is about to cry and in no time , Trisha spilled the tears. When Tita Lablab asked her why was she crying , her reply was " I want to go home na because Mommy Lily (her grandma) is alone in the house and i am worried."(nagpalusot pa)
Tita lablab left no choice but to take Trisha home because she can feel that tantrums is in the air.

And so, Mommy Lily was surprised because they went home early.
Tita Lablab told her what happend and this is what Mother Lily had to say "Well, tomorrow is another day."

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