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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Squid vs Tilapya (St. Peter's fish)

I had a funny conversation with Trisha yesterday.

Trisha: Mommy, what did you eat today?
Me: Squid.
Trisha: Squiiid??!!
Me: Yeah, why?
Trisha: Eeeww, what you just ate is so scary mommy!!!
Me: It is not scary. It's so yummy Trish.
Trisha: It is scary mommy. Lalo na yung head ng squid,eeww (especially the head).
Me: Trish, there is no scary food. All the foods are nice.You must also try how to eat squid sometimes. 
Trisha: Mommy, pwedeng tilapya na lang? (mommy, can i just eat St. Peter's fish?)

Oh well...

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