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Thursday, October 16, 2008

All About ME

I’m tall, tan, chubby and uncomplicated.
I’m a kind hearted person.
I have so much pity.
I love children.
I hate to lie.

I love apples, chocolate cakes and Japanese crackers.
I sometimes eat pizza.
I hate lugaw.
Shoes are my fad.
I desperately want to learn swimming.

I hate liars; I can mingle with them though.
I avoid loud and loutish people. I seem to attract their negative forces.

My Mom keeps me going.
My siblings can thaw my heart.
Third almost made me complete.

I so love Trisha Gabrielle. She’s the very reason why I want to live until 86.
I’m loving Buddy more each day.

That's All About Me..

1 comment:

AiDiSan said...

Donnabelle is a sweet friend.,
I can vividly remember her laugh everytime I crack jokes and also when I'm already short...luka luka sya...haha.

Love you friend:)