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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Writer Who Never Was

I’ll tell you my little secret. I started to get interested in writing during my highschool days, after I finished reading the very first pocket book that my cousin lent me. Since then, I have this dream of becoming a very successful and famous Writer someday.
But I was one heck of a Ningas kugon, You know this Maňana habit thing? Yes, that was me. I tried several attempts to write, and guess what? Didn’t finish any of the stories I started. When I cannot find the right words and I cannot express what I wanted to write I just stop and never bother to continue, but the desire was still there, I dream to be a Writer.

I graduated from my high school and college education still holding this castle in the sky at the back of my mind. I found a descent job and fell in love with a good man, still keeping my dream just inside of me. I got married and become a mother with this dream in the corners of my heart. Now that I’m in the milestone of my career, once and for all I asked myself, Will I just dream for the rest of my life?? It’s just within my reach but what am I doing??

At this moment, I am not anymore in reverie of becoming a successful and famous Writer, as first and foremost , I realized that to become one , You must have this “Talent of Writing” in which I obviously don’t have, the reason why until now , it’s just a fantasy.

As of this writing, I come up with a decision; I am going to write not to bec0me a successful and famous Writer, but I am going to write to become my dream of a famous and successful Writer.. in my own right.. in my own World.

The Writer who never was is now a mere element of the past.

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