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Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Daughter's Legacy

If there was a man who could have all the drollness in the world, it was definitely my father. There never was a dull moment when he’s around. He can make your jaw line ache to death by his frolics.

I can vibrantly remember those times when we always had (my siblings and me) a good laugh with him. My mother was his no. 1 fan.

On the contrary, he was as strict as the law of martial when it comes to chastising his children.
He would speak with so much authority and his commands were sternly obeyed.
He had a very big and powerful voice that none of us dared to answer him back when he would reprimand us because of our misdemeanors.

We grew up with so much respect for him. His every word was like a law that has to be followed and yet, our love for him is overflowing ,because in our eyes he will always be our loving and amusing Father who only wants the best for his children.
He may not be the perfect father, but he was a good man.

October 31st marks his 61st birthday. On this day, he wishes us happiness, prosperity, blessings and love. He is the brightest star that illuminates the widest of the sky ,thus we see no darkness. He is our Guardian Angel from up above, who persistently prays for our safety from the Almighty.

We know he is at peace and puts his feet up. There’s nothing more we can ask for him but his eternal quietude.

Happy Birthday Daddy! We always remember you with a smile in our hearts. There are times that I still shed a tear when I look back at the happy memories the family had shared with you. One thing I am sure though… death took you away from us in the flesh but the love you have for us is so intense that even death cannot steal. A legacy that every daughter could ever wish for from their father.

The 31st of October 2008


AiDiSan said...

very touching post. i feel lucky to have a father like yours whom I respect and love.

DonnaBelle said...

yeah, you're lucky even more. you still have him. i pray for your father's long long long life