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Sunday, November 30, 2008


We went to the newly opened mall last Friday night with Buddy's sister and her family.The mall is so huge that one whole day might not be enough for a person to ramble around. And because we went there at around 7pm already, we were not able to see many shops anymore, but we did not forget to visit the big aquarium.It's a paid entrance and a little expensive so we are expecting for a really really nice view, however, we are a bit disappointed as there were very few varieties of fishes to see and it will just take you 5 minutes to see everything inside. The anterior view of the aquarium is very huge and it looks so inviting that anybody would expect lots of fascinating sea creatures inside. Anyways, I got to see few giant stingrays, sharks with their so sharp teeth ,charming sea shells and a few more fishes which I cannot identify.I just hope that they can still improve the fish haven so the next time I visit the place with Trisha, the little girl will truly enjoy the fishes.


AiDiSan said...

for sure papatuk yang place na yan kay Trisha, are you really gonna get her in the future?

DonnaBelle said...

heyya friend!
yup, dapat nga last year pa,hopefully early next year makuha na namin sha.