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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Merry Thursday Night

It's Thursday once again, meaning, long weekdays are almost over.
Just only have to stay until 4pm in the office today and tomorrow is always my most awaited weekend,yahoo!
After office, I'll go straight to the Exchange to pay my credit card then to Westzone supermarket to do my groceries for a week's consumption.I might also drop by at Kodak for some of Trisha's picture developing.
Buddy will pick me up in the supermarket and then we move straight to home.
At home, I will prepare our dinner ( i don't know what to cook yet) while Buddy helps me put the groceries in their proper places.While preparing dinner, I do the laundry. Countless hugs and kisses to the inventor of automatic WM, you really made my life so much easier.
After dinner, I'll give myself a break by watching Pinoy Fear Factor. Yes, spine-tingling tv program makes me relax.I will then take a long shower and off to bed.
Need to sleep early as I want to attend the 6:00 am mass at St. Mary's church tomorrow.
A handful of chores on a Thursday night loosens me up.Well, maybe it makes me feel relax and happy that after those days of hard work, I can finally rest my mind on a Thursday night knowing that the next day is a breather.

And to you as well....a Merry Thursday Night!

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AiDiSan said...


ang pose sa pic bongga!!! improving, next time yung naka two piece