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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Elekastes at Iba Pa

Just want to share with you about my little angel’s chirpiness.
Hope you enjoy reading her frolics. Here it goes:

Trisha: Mommy I want to go sa mall
Mommy: Why?
Trisha: I want to ride in the elekastes(escalator)
Mommy: Anak, its es-ca-la-tor
Trisha: ES- CA - LA - TOR
Mommy: Say it fast now– escalator

Actually, she already knew how to say it properly. It’s just that she is a mischievous little girl. At her early age, she knows how to play tricks on us.

Here’s another:

Lily: Trisha, tell your Mom, you have big legs
Trisha: Mommy I have big lags oh , can you see?
Mommy: Oh my gosh! I’m scared of Trisha’s big legs.
Trisha: Mommy, don’t be scared na, I’m sexy oh.

And another…

Mommy: Hello Trisha, what did you today?
Trisha: I went sa mall with Lily (lily means lola) and Tita Lablab
Mommy: What did you do in the mall?
Trisha: I run… Mommy ayoko na punta sa mall, nahihirapan na ako eh.
Mommy: My gosh! Why? What’s wrong?
Trisha: Na tired ako mommy eh, na tired nako mag run. Tapos I saw the batang lalake.
He ride sa helicopter, I’m afraid of the helicopter eh, nahihirapan ako ma-afraid.

And another pa….

Mommy: Trisha anak, please pass the phone to Lily, I want to talk to her
Trisha: (doesn’t want to give the phone to her lola).Wala si Lily Mommy, umalis sha.(I can hear Lily’s voice on the background though)
Mommy: Anak, do you know that it’s bad to tell a lie. The monster will come out and he might get you.
Trisha: I’m not afraid sa monster Mommy, friend ko na sha eh, friend ko na sha.
Mag p-play kami ng bubbles ng monster.
Mommy: Oh really! Give the phone to Lily please. (But to no avail, I just dialed Lily’s mobile no.)


AiDiSan said...

i so love trisha...i love her antics & kalulitan

DonnaBelle said...

parang gusto ko ng maniwala na kayo ang mag ina sa nakaraang buhay nyo,nyehehe