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Saturday, November 22, 2008

When the Angel gets grumpy

This was taken during New Year’s Day 08.
After Trisha woke up from her long afternoon nap, Lily (her grandma) dressed her up with a red polka dotted dress to complement the season. She also tied Trisha’s hair carefully and neatly.
All of a sudden, my youngest sister appeared from out of nowhere and started teasing the little girl with all her might, thus, the beginning of a frantic and violent reaction.
As the saying goes ‘biruin mo na ang lasing wag lang ang bagong gising.’ (You can crack a joke on a drunken man but never on the person who just woke up),the first thing Trisha did was to ruin her tidy ponytail. She pulled her hair so much that she cried on the top of her lungs. She then removed and threw her slippers towards her Tita. What pacified her? It’s the xylophone toy she received from her Uncle Bogs as a new year’s gift. When she saw the xylophone, her crankiness faded away.
But she doesn’t want her hair to be fixed anymore. She wanted the semi Tina Turner look you know. Lily was trying her luck to do the hair again, but to no avail. And so they just let it be as they wanted the house to be a peaceful and harmonious place to live in.
And my sister's punishement was to wash all the dishes (including the very greasy casseroles).This is what you will get and more , when the angel gets grumpy.

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